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Hope Perseverance Respect Compassion Peace Forgiveness

At Boxted St Peter’s our mission is to provide every pupil with an outstanding education. Our positive, supportive school community is united in mutual respect and the pursuit of one common goal – to provide every child with a safe, happy, inspirational learning environment.

Everyone’s unique gifts and talents will be recognised, nurtured and encouraged to flourish. Everyone at Boxted is a learner, striving to be the best version of themselves. Here, education has no limits; every member of our school has the potential to be utterly brilliant.

Our children will enjoy the adventure of learning. Through their academic endeavours they will discover, explore and relish challenges. Their enquiring minds will be ignited through academic enrichment. We seek to cultivate confidence well beyond the classroom.

We promote self-reliance and initiative. Our children will approach life with an open, receptive mind. They will learn social responsibility and self-improvement. Ultimately, we will teach children how to be life-long learners.

At Boxted St Peter’s traditional values are reinvented for a modern world. Exercising perseverance and determination, children will make true achievements. Through these successes they will develop the self-belief and life-long skills needed to shape the future; we will nurture them – for the children of today, are our guardians of tomorrow.