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School Council

Boxted St Peter’s has an active and extremely effective School Council which is involved in many decision making processes and initiatives within our school.  The Council consists of two pupils from each year group, elected by their peers.   They meet on a weekly basis with the Deputy Headteacher and a member of the Governing Body to discuss a wide range of issues, concerns and/or ideas for school improvement.

Our new School Council Members for 2019-20 are:

Year 6: Mia Sneddon (Chairperson), Logan Martin (Vice Chairperson), Scarlet Abbott (Secretary)

Year 5: Hamish Bumphrey & Penny Reed

Year 4: Kobe Boyce & Erin Graves

Year 3: Lucas Mullis & Megan Hull

Year 2: Archie Jones O'Connor & Freya Atkins

Year 1: Abigail Jackaman & Oscar Godwin

Reception: Henry Collitt & Arabella Terry

Head Boy and Head Girl

At the beginning of each academic year, year six children are invited to stand as Head Boy or Girl in our annual elections. Children run their own election campaigns and then present to the whole school, outlining how they will represent the children of Boxted.

On voting day all children visit the Polling station and cast their vote. Our new Head Boy  for 2019-20 is Joshua Mathias and our Head Girl is Elizabeth Brown.

Faith Group

Our Faith Group comprises children from every year group. They meet once a week to discuss various topical issues. Together, they evaluate Collective Worship and discuss how acts of worship have impacted on their personal lives.

Faith Group also lead one act of whole school worship every half term; this is always related to the Christian Value of the term.

Our new Faith Group Members for 2019-20 are:

Year 6: Summer Wheeler

Year 5: Katie Wiltshire

Year 4: Chloe Pace

Year 3: Freddie Seager

Year 2: Jack Seakens

Year 1: Katie Gibson

Reception: Eleanor Hogg

Sports Council

Once a month the Sports Council meet to discuss forthcoming events, clubs and fixtures. They are instrumental in deciding how sport can improve and develop. Sports Council members for 2019-20 are:

Year 6: Max Whitnell

Year 5: Sammy Rankin

Year 4: Kaylem Curley

Year 3: Freddie Pushman

Year 2: Benedict Hore

Year 1: Elodie Khine

Reception: Darcy Hambling

Eco Warriors

Our Eco-Warriors concern themselves with our immediate school environment. They will consider our recycling agenda, energy consumption and wildlife areas. Eco Warriors for 2019-20 are:

Year 6: Charlie Hull

Year 5: Johannes Damen

Year 4: Summer Woodgate

Year 3: Grace Mallinder

Year 2: Alfie Bailey

Year 1: Louie MacRae

Reception: Theodore Wood